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Chemistry is never an easy subject. Although it is not an easy subject, you still have to ace it or at the very least pass it, right? So what does it take to do well in chemistry and understand it? It’s not about smartness, talent or super powers. It is about your attitude, mindset and perserverance in preparing and understanding for chemistry. I will talk more about how it affects your understanding in chemistry.


Attitude and mindset.

This is the one of the two important factors to succeed not only in chemistry but also in life. In life, your attitude and mindset takes you to where you think it will be. If you keep thinking and telling yourself , “This is just too difficult, I will never make it”, you have just convinced yourself that you can’t do it. Your brain will then send signals telling your body and mind, “It is okay, I won’t make it”, You will only be heading towards that way.

Have you realised that how you picture the ending will always be what the ending is like? I bet you do. You need to have that self confidence for yourself and confidence in that subject. Do not doubt yourself. Once you start to doubt, you will start panicking. And trust me, panicking will not help one bit.

Your attitude also determines how you will do. Even if your mindset is, “I can do it, I can overcome physics”, and your actions is otherwise, there will be no help at all. If you are lazing around or just randomly reading through the physics book every now and then, it will not help for sure. Your attitude should go along with your mindset, if you want to overcome it, do something. Practice, because practice makes perfect.


Planning and preparation.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is a quote teachers always say and I think it makes good sense. To do well, you need planning and preparation. Plan how, when, where and what you are going to study. You need to set some goals to meet, realistic ones. When you set goals, and if you fail to reach it, at least there is still time to correct what’s wrong as you planned early!

All in all, your willingness, attitude, mindset, planning and preparations are things that determines how you will do.

Chemistry Tuition

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